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Any Stamporama Member can request a Link to be added. When you are logged in you will see a button labelled "Request a Link", under the main heading. Click on this button and enter the requested information. One of the Stamporama Link Moderators will check the Link for you and will activate the Link if it is approved.

Link CategoryNo. of Links
How To ... On Stamporama
The links in this category give you valuable information on how to best use the many different areas of Stamporama
2nd Page
the second category you should visit - links to sites or pages which tell you all about everything you want to know (and then some) about the practical side of Stamp collecting.
Auctions and Mail Bid Sales
Auctions (online and the kind you attend in person) and Mail Bid Sales
Collections and Exhibits
Links to collections and exhibits posted online by members and other collectors.
Discussion and Chat Communities
Discussion boards, chat rooms, and other sites where collectors exchange information.
Interests and Specialties
Country or topic specific collecting interests. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, topical collecting, covers, postal history, Cinderellas, revenues, etc.
Members' Websites
Members' philatelically related websites, blogs, facebook pages, stores, etc. (members' stamp stores may also be listed in the general category “Online Stamp Stores.”)
Online Stamp Stores
sites where you can purchase stamps, covers, supplies, software, "print your own album pages," etc.
Official Postal Service Websites
The official sites of governmental and quasi-governmental postal authorities from around the world.
Philatelic Societies and Organizations
Organizations like the American Philatelic Society, Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, Northern Philatelic Library, etc. (includes "online" stamp clubs but not the physical kind which are listed in the category "Stamp Clubs")
Philatelic Publications and Journals
includes blogs
Stamp Clubs
This category holds links to websites of Stamp Clubs (the physical kind) around the world, and maybe around the corner from where you live.
Links to other links
Websites which provide links to many different areas of interest.
Sites with a philatelic flavor which do not fit elsewhere

DISCLAIMER: Listing any site or page in this Links area does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Stamporama or any of its members, and anyone accessing these sites or pages, or downloading or purchasing items from these sites or pages, does so at their own risk and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Stamporama and its members for any alleged harm resulting therefrom.

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