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Members' Exhibits

The Stamporama website gives our members an opportunity to show off some of their favorite pages. Enjoy your browse!

Want to exhibit your favourite pages? It is not necessary to be able to create Web pages, only to be able to scan pages from your collection. Exhibiting information.

Coronation of Karl & Zita
An exhibit of the stamps, special cancels, cards and usages for the Coronation of Karl & Zita of Hungary on December 30, 1916 with an update of the issues for the 100th anniversary of the Coronation in 2016.

Edward Waters

Discovering Algerian through its modern stamps
This exhibit is produced in French. It is a wonderful look at Algeria through:
  1. History: from prehistoric times to independence
  2. The modern Algerian state, its independence from France and its national resources
  3. The artistic and cultural heritage
Abderrahmane Yessad

Introduction to the Forgeries of Francois Fournier, using the French Colony Navigation & Commerce Issues
This exhibit introduces the reader to the works of Francois Fournier using the Navigation and Commerce issues of the french colonies.

Jere Dutt

Berlin Airlift - 50th Anniversary First Day of Issue
June 24 1948, The Soviets closed Western rail and road access to Berlin and limited Allied air access to three narrow corridors. The Soviets expected the people to register with Soviet forces and purchase or draw food and fuel from Soviet sources.

Bob Parkin, Parkin Lot Stamps

Apollo-Soyux Test Project
The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) was the culmination of thirteen years of talks between the Soviet Union and the United States. ASTP was formally provided for in the agreement concerning Cooperation in Exploration and Use of Outer Space signed by President Richard M. Nixon and Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin in Moscow on May 24, 1972. This exhibit will show crew selection and training; prelauch tests; launch, rendezvous and docking, recovery and finally the commemoration by many nations of the first joint space venture ever attempted.

John Macco Contact: johnmacco007@comcast.net

Philatelic Exhibit of Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala of the Philippines featuring the illustrious life and reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala

An Early Hungarian Marketing Campaign
Gold Award exhibit of perfin stamps, postcards from various countries and other marketing pieces demonstrating Andreas Saxlehner's marketing of his Hunyadi Janos Bitterquelle. Ed Waters

Olympic Hosts
A collection of Olympic Hosts. Including stamps, FDC's, postal covers, and souvenir sheets. Bob's first attempt at exhibiting. He received a Silver-Bronze award in the novice category for his effort. He hopes you will enjoy his exhibit. Bob Stanlick Contact: rstanlick@sympatico.ca

St. Vincent -- the Queen Victoria Era
Rodolfo Torres presents his collection of early St. Vincent stamps.

General Casimir Pulaski
A one page article about a hero of both Poland and America. Marek Kopcznski Contact:Marek101@aol.com

The Chile Presidentes
A one page article offering an introduction to a wonderful and overlooked set of Chile. Looking for something new to collect? Check out this article. Roy Lingen Contact:roy@lingens.com

German Inflation 1923
A one page article offering an introduction and some political background of the famous hyper-inflation of Germany in 1923. Roy Lingen Contact:roy@lingens.com

Very Cool Covers!
An introduction to the many ways that cover collectors approach their collections. The exhibit briefly illustrates different approaches by devoting one page to each. 18 pages. Roy Lingen Contact:roy@lingens.com

Odd Shaped Stamps
David started collecting "odd" shaped stamps around the same time he joined Stamporama, in Oct.1999. At that time he thought a triangular stamp was an odd shape. In his words, "Boy, did I have a lot to learn!". He lives in the Great White North (Canada) and his philatelic friends began to call him "The Odd Canuck"! One page also shows his topical interests of Buses, Motorcycles and Domestic Cats. David is hoping that this display of his interests will encourage other Stamporama members to contact him for trading. David Greg

Nova Scotia Cents Issue
I was blessed with the opportunity to create my first Exhibit on Nova Scotia stamps for our local Stamp Show for October 13th, 2001. This was such a wonderful experience, I would like to share it with you. Kelly Fleming Contact: dr_k_fleming@yahoo.com   Kelly's Website

When the Mail Crashes
A grisly but fascinating look at airmail crash covers. When things go horribly wrong! This is just the beginnings of an exhibit. The author would be happy to hear from anyone who can offer additions. Roy Lingen Contact:roy@lingens.com

US 24 cent 1861 Postal History Exhibit
An impressive single frame (16 pages) exhibit of the uses of this classic US stamp. Also visit Rob's Web page about this collecting interest Rob Faux

Bridges: Pathways of Connection
A thematic exploration of bridges on stamps.Don Blais Contact: jedblais@bresnan.net

Discussion and commentary on these exhibits is welcome. Please use the Message Board. The best category is "General Stamp Collecting Discussion".

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