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Development List

Tim's Todos

The follow is a list of enhancements that have been requested by Stamporama members. This list shows all members where their items are in the process:

Requested By Description Status

Feb 12, 2013 

Allow for international date formatting through out the website Implemented
Apr 6,2013
Jan 24, 2013 
receive a reminder when something on your watch list in the auction is about to end Under Consideration
Feb 11, 2013 
would like is some kind of paging so we don't have to go from the first lot to say item Need more information
Mar 31, 2013 
In the 'Post a New Item' form a small field could be added for mentioning "used" or "mint" and the same feature incorporated in the search function for auction lots so that when looking at new lots a person could choose whether to go through all the listed items for a particular country/seller or just the "mint" items. Under Consideration

Apr 2, 2013 

Apr 21,2013 

As a frequent buyer on the SOR auction board, I would like the ability to exclude several sellers' listings as opposed to just the present limit of just one. Or, in the alternative, to select more than one seller at a time whose listings I want to view. Completed
Apr 3, 2013 
I would like to see a "visit counter" added to the listings. Completed
Apr 12, 2013 
When responding to stamporama messages through the internal message system: is it possible to have the orginal message, or thread of messages, show at the bottom? Being able to see the message that is being responded to while responding would be very helpful. Implemented
May 4th, 2013 
Apr 15,2013 
please add a few more Smileys to work with Implemented
Apr 28, 2013 

Apr 24, 2013 

Apr 24, 2013 

When listing auctions would it be possible to have the auction term default to 7 days, or when relisting an auction item default to what the term was before the item closed? If sellers don't care for the term to have a default set when listing a new item, that's fine. Leave it blank. It would, however, speed up relisting if there was a value in that field.  Under Consideration
Apr 25, 2013 
Images, formatting and emotes in SOR messaging On Hold for the moment
Apr 25, 2013 
tags within tags (such as bold italics, bold red, large red, etc.) I'll look at it but I think it will be too much work.
Apr 26, 2013 
On the auction seller edit/view lots page, would it be possible to add the Auction Lot Number to each listing? The way I file and track stamps I'm selling, that is an important number for me. Under Consideration
Apr 26, 2013 
ust a quick thought, would it be possible to "like" an article in the same way we can "like" a message? Under Consideration
Apr 28, 2013
 Regarding invoicing, when looking at an invoice that has already been created and sent, would it be possible to have an additional option button on the bottom to resend the invoice?

The process as I know it is:

- go to invoices (the list of all invoices opens)
- locate the invoice
- open the invoice
- scroll down to the bottom of the invoice
- click on REOPEN (the list of invoices re-opens again)
- scroll down the list of invoices again to find the invoice again
- open the invoice again
- scroll down to the bottom of the invoice again
- click on email invoice

The above process is good if you need to edit the original invoice, but if merely resending it to the buyer as a friendly reminder, no editing is necessary. If there's a short cut that I don't know about, please let me know!

May 11 2013 
Add second search parameter for the Auction Search. Investigating

July 24 2013 

Add an "All Read" button to indicate that you are not interested in reading the posting that are currently shown as "New" Investigating
July 23 2013 
add a list of auction lots bid on but didn't win, including the winning bid.  
July 23 2013 
the ability to "show all," so that all currently available lots can be screened for a certain seller  
rrraphy Asked for the "Displaying 1 to 50 of 502" at the top of the auction lot list as well as the bottom. Investigating


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